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12 Day Results

Sweet Pot Pizza, Katsu, Meatballs and a Pasta

This is another mix of convienance lunches but then home cooked meals too for a 12 day blast with everything tracked for you.

This is perfect if you want a boost in your results as everything is tracked for you.

Make sure you take your measurements at the beginning and at the end.

Only like for like calorie changes.

If you have milk in tea/coffee, measure out 200ml of Semi Skimmed Milk for an extra 100 calories that day.

Drink water, black coffee or 0 calorie drinks when possible.

You don't need to track, just weigh out your portions, no guessing.

This is Day 1, 5 and 9 - 1520 Calories

Breakfast is 350g of Protein Fromage Frais (Tesco or similar) with 20g low sugar Alpen and 20g of 85% Dark Chocolate smashed up on top.

Lunch is a Warburtons Soft Pitta with 4 slices of Ham, 30g of mixed leaf salad and 10ml of low fat balsamic dressing and a full pot of Chicken and Chestnut soup (Tesco and 282 calories)

Dinner is our Sweet Potato Bites recipe here - Sweet Potato Pizza Bites (Meat or Veg Based) ( Snacks are 150g of pineapple pieces

This is Day 2, 6 and 10 - 1495 Calories     

Breakfast is Scrambled Egg on Toast consisting of 3 Medium eggs scrambled cooked in 10g of lower fat butter on 1 slice of wholemeal toast.

Lunch is a Tesco Chicken Salad Sandwich Meal Deal with a Pineapple Pot and a bottle of water.

Dinner I show here how to swap and change. Below I have tracked for 3 Cheese Chicken Pasta but here is a recipe from the recipe section, the Chicken Fajita Melt recipe that is similar calories so easily changed - Fajita Melt (

Snacks are 23g of Hot and Spicy Pop chips

This is Day 3, 7 and 11 - 1507 Calories

Breakfast is our High Protein Omelette here - High Protein Omellete (

Lunch is a a Warburtons Soft Pitta with 3 slices of Chicken (Tesco), 30g of mixed leaf salad and 10ml of low fat balsamic dressing and a full Tin of Heinz Pea and Ham Soup.

Dinner Is our One Pan Meatball and Pasta recipe here - One Pan Cheesy Meatballs (

Snacks are 150g of Pineapple Pieces

This is Day 4, 8 and 12 - 1579 Calories     

Breakfast 80g of Bran Flakes with 300ml of Semi Skimmed Milk

Lunch is our Omelette Bites recipe here - Omelette Bites (

Dinner Is our Chicken Katsu recipe here - Healthy Chicken Katsu (

Snacks is a Arla Protein Yoghurt

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