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1571 Calories

4 Gins, Chicken Kebab. Omelette Bites and a healthy Ready meal.

A few drinks in the mix whilst completely being on track! For breakfast you have Omelette bites. Lunch is Chicken kebabs with 300g of New Potato, 200g of baby leaf salad, 1 medium Tomtato, 100g of Cucumber and 15g of Mango Chutney as a dressing. Dinner is a Gym Kitchen ready meal from Asda and a side salad. This then allows for x4 Gins and Diet Lemonades. 25ml Gin serving per drink. Omelette Bite recipe here - Omelette Bites ( Chicken Kebab recipe here - Chicken Kebabs ( Gym Kitchen ready meal was on a 2 for £6 offer in Asda at time of writing.

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