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15 Day Blast

Struggle with cooking time? Try this one!

Another mix of convenience lunches like Ready Meals and home cooked meals for a 15 day blast with everything tracked for you.

This is perfect if you want a boost in your results as everything is tracked for you. If your calories have been set much higher than this, contact Joe to ask what tweaks you can make to take it closer to your calories.

Make sure you take your measurements at the beginning and at the end.

Only like for like calorie changes.

If you have milk in tea/coffee, measure out 200ml of Semi Skimmed Milk for an extra 100 calories that day.

Drink water, black coffee or 0 calorie drinks when possible.

You don't need to track, just weigh out your portions, no guessing.

Day 1, 6 and 11 - 1464 Calories

Breakfast is our quick high protein Omelette - High Protein Omellete ( Lunch is a Tesco Calorie Controlled Chicken Jambalaya healthy ready meal. Dinner is our Garlic Butter Salmon and New Potatoes - Garlic Butter Salmon ( Snack is a chocolate protein pudding and an apple.

Day 2, 7 and 12 - 1630 Calories

Breakfast is FLF Overnight Oats that you prepped the night before - Cherry and Chia Overnight Oats ( 

Lunch is a Tesco Meal Deal for lunch comprising of a Chicken Salad Sandwich, Fridge Raiders and a Can of Coke Zero.

Dinner is Salt and Pepper Chicken with rice - Salt and Pepper Chicken with Egg Fried Rice ( Snack is some Pineapple and Chocolate Protein Yoghurt.

Day 3, 8 and 13 - 1521 Calories

Breakfast is porridge - Add 50g of Oats into a pan with 350ml of semi skimmed milk and bring to a simmer whilst mixing occasionally until desired thickness. Add a tsp of Cinnamon and 50g of chopped strawberries.

Lunch is two sandwich things with a full tin of Tuna in spring water with 15g of low fat mayo mixed in and some salad in each sandwich. Dinner you have a Tesco calorie counted curry ready meal with 150g of Mccain oven chips on the side. Snack is a protein yoghurt for dessert.

Day 4, 9 and 14 - 1526 Calories

Breakfast is quick Scrambled Egg - The recipe for this is 4 large eggs whisked with 20ml of semi skimmed milk salt and pepper. Add 10g of lurpack lighter into a pan and stir in the egg, keep stirring until scrambled egg is at your desired consistency. Serve on top of some toasted wholemeal bread with another 5g of butter on.

I have slightly over tracked for breakfast depending on the bread you use.

Lunch is Tuna sandwiches consisting of x2 sandwich thins, 15g of light mayo, a tin of Tuna in spring water and 100g of salad.

Dinner is a Tesco Calorie Controlled Chicken in Mushroom sauce with a side salad. Snack is a chocolate protein pudding, 150g of Strawberries and a packet of Mccoys Steak Crisps.

Day 5, 10 and 15 - 1607 Calories

Breakfast is 80g of All bran with 350ml of Semi Skimmed Milk.

Lunch is a Ham and Egg Sandwich from Greggs. Have this with a diet drink, a bottle of water or a black coffee.

Dinner is our Slow Cooker Chilli and rice - Slow Cooker Chilli

Snack is 150g of Pineapple.

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