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Fat Loss Feast Plan Workout Taster

One of our biggest missions on the Fat Loss Feast plan is get you into a healthy habit and relationship with exercise. We want you to exercise more first and foremost for better mental and physical health and not as a punishment to burn calories for weight loss. 

Everyone of these workouts below was live on our members only timetable but every workout is recorded so you can also do it in your own time. 

If you give one of these a go, please drop me a message straight away with how you feel afterwards. 

Remember you can have a full year with Fat Loss Feast for the same price as a 4.5 month membership with Slimming World and Joe is always a message or even call away if you need any help and support.

If you break our membership down, you can get all the help, workouts and support needed to get incredible results for £1.73 per week if you pay upfront or £2.50 per week if you pay monthly. 

You are not alone in this!

Single Song Workouts

Sometimes it's really hard to get yourself motivated for a full workout even though it could be the thing that improves your energy levels and motivation that day so we have a ever growing single song library. Here is a sample for you.

Workouts Designed for More Energy

We think the majority of exercise should make us feel better and not worse so we have designed really gentle workouts that burn some calories, improve fitness but are going to give you an energy boost after you finish it. Check out this gentle 20 minute workout. 

Let's Get Sweaty!

We have a range of workouts that can be tweaked for all abilities. One of my favourite workouts is Sweat. Imagine an indoor cycling/spin class but instead of getting a sore bum sitting on a bike, we use our body weight. This workout can be a killer if you push it but can also be gentle if you take it at your own pace.

And More...

We have a wide range of live weekly workouts including things like legs/Bums/Tums, Hiit and even dance/step style workouts. Here is a sample of Megans None Stop Step workouts.

Diet Plan Sample?

Check out some tasty recipes, how one of many different weeks could look (remember you can make it work for your lifestyle) and some videos on some helpful topics.

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