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Healthy Chicken Katsu

Fat Loss Feast Plan Taster

The reason we can offer so much for such a low cost is because the FLF Plan membership is 12 months. We understand that may feel like a jump if you are new to Fat Loss Feast so here is a few more samples of recipes/meal plans and some guides you get in the group including a video from our Menopause guide, a sneak peak at our soon to be launching 'All and a Little' section and some of our guides on self sabotage. 

Remember you can have a full year with Fat Loss Feast for the same price as a 4.5 month membership with Slimming World and Joe is always a message or even call away if you need any help and support.

If you break our membership down, you can get all the help, workouts and support needed to get incredible results for £1.73 per week if you pay upfront or £2.50 per week if you pay monthly. 

Meal Plan Sample

Every single person reading this will have different eating habits and we think that for the most success, you have to fit healthy eating into your own lifestyle. To accommodate for this, we have different sample meal plans for many different scenarios.


This one is a meal plan for people who have little time for breakfast or lunch so we have used convenience choices and then healthy recipes on a night for evening meal. We have also just launched day meal plan samples as sometimes 7 day plans like this are over kill. These include how to easily add a few glasses of wine or gin into your day whilst staying on track. 

'All or a Little' instead of 'All or Nothing'

One thing I have seen over and over again in my 15 years in this industry is a lot of people are All or Nothing. This means they are either losing weight or completely off the rails. Fat Loss Feast wants to stop this and in September, we are launching a new 'All or a Little' section to give you two options within our membership. Watch the sneak peak here...

Do you struggle with Self Sabotage?

If so, you're not alone. It's a struggle many people find hard to get past and one FLF wants to try and help with as much as possible. Phil is one of our excellent trainers who also mastered in psychology so I got him into the FLF studio to record a self sabotage and motivation module. Here are two videos I think you will find useful. 

Internalised Beliefs

Menopause Support

We also offer content and workouts to help with some of the horrible symptoms of Menopause. Exercise and a healthier lifestyle can dramatically improve some of the symptoms so we thought it was very important to talk about it and offer as much help in this area as possible. Check out this video from our Menopause section. 

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