The question I get most is why is this a years membership with no cancellation?

This is done because once members sign up, I know how much money the plan will be bringing in each and every month meaning I can keep investing into the plan. 

The plan was going to originally include 3 live zoom classes per week but the first intake was so popular, that I invested the money back into itself and increased the classes to 7+ per week for no extra cost of the members.

This June/July intake will mean I can use the extra profits to add even more classes. As well as boxercise, Hiit and circuit training classes we now also have dancercise and even a Yoga class meaning we will be doing 9+ zoom classes per week. 

So basically the more people who join, the more money I will put back into the plan and the better it will get for £10 per month.

One of the best parts of this plan is every few months,  we close doors for 4/6 weeks so we aren't distracted always looking for the next client.

We want to help you achieve incredible results and we think that by limiting sign ups like this, we can concentrate on YOU just that little bit more.

This intake closes end of July. 
Also we have decided to waive the £10 joining fee with this intake so don't miss out. 

Let's get some incredible results together!

Joe Sexton
Fat Loss Feast 

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