Meet Joe Sexton

The Personal Trainer Behind Fat Loss Feast 

I know how it feels to struggle with your weight!

After my daughter was born and decided not to sleep for 6 months, I forgot about staying in shape and went on a downward spiral. I lived on junk food and done no exercise at all. Before I knew it I was 60lbs heavier and extremely unfit. I felt horrible, I had no confidence, a flight of stairs tired me out, I struggled to put on my socks due to a big Santa like belly and I developed a habit for pulling at my t-shirts because I felt so uncomfortable in clothes. Don't even get me started on clothes shopping and the not so lovely changing room mirrors!!

I've been there and got the size small t-shirts!

I knew at this point my whole approach needed to change because how could a junk food lover like myself do well on a diet? I realised I had always struggled with super strict diets so instead worked on the most sensible approach I could think, a healthy balanced lifestyle. I then started developing some really tasty recipes and sharing them on Facebook. At this point something crazy happened, I started to lose weight. Not just that, MILLIONS of people world wide started eating these recipes and they started to lose weight too.


It's not just about what you eat!

Exercise is a dirty word if you have been inactive for a long period of time, even thinking about it makes you sweat. When I was at my heaviest, exercise wasn't fun at all. This is what made me change my whole approach to it so instead of 'beasting' or 'smashing' it in the gym, I just started to move more. I went for a gentle walk, I done a easy beginners home workout in my front room and I made sure I got slightly sweaty and out of breath 3/4 times per week. 

I'm my own client and always will be.


Joe Sexton Online Weight Loss Coach

The word is spreading!

Joe Sexton Men' Health

From local press to international magazines, my healthy recipes have been published all around the globe. I now regularly contribute to Men's Health magazine, the biggest fitness magazine in the UK. 

Joe Sexto TV Chef

My Fat Loss Feast food got so popular I ended up hosting my own healthy cooking TV show on the MADE TV network. This is me on set with co host Katie Bulmer - Cooke and our guests, Britains got Talents The Mimic Men.