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1595 Calories

3 Wines, Chicken Tikka and a Ready Meal Risotto.

WINE! WINE! WINE! I write this like a big kid whos taste buds haven't matured yet and I don't actually like wine but I know this sample will go down well. For breakfast you have 300g of 0% Fage yoghurt with 30g of Blueberries and Raspberries. Lunch is a Chicken, Broad Bean and Pea Risotto ready meal. The Myfitnesspal entry was way out on this one so I added 1.1 portions of it as it is 490 calories. For Dinner we have our Chicken Tikka with Spinach and Almond with 125g of cooked Rice and then the main event of 3 glasses of Wine. This is roughly 125ml servings. The Ready Meal is from Tesco and at the time of writing is 2 for £5. Chicken Tikka recipe here - Chicken Tikka with Spinach and Almonds (

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