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What it Takes to Lose Weight

Are you in the right frame of mind to lose weight?

When you get some spare time, go through these videos to see what it takes to lose weight, what exactly you have to do and if you are in the right frame of mind for it.

I want to break the cycle of constantly trying and failing to lose weight and that happens when you aren't in the right place mentally as it does require a good level of commitment and sacrifice.

All is not lost if you aren't ready to do the things needed to do to lose weight. Drop me a message if this is the case or you're struggling with motivation and we can set some goals that are way more achievable right now.

Part 1 - Weight Loss vs Fat Loss and what it takes to lose 1/2/3 lbs per week - What it takes to lose weight (

Part 2 - Food and the habits you need to be getting into for weight loss - Food - What it takes to get results (

Part 3 - Exercise and what you need to be doing in order to lose weight - Exercise What it takes (

On the Scales

Tracking Your Results or Your Weight loss Stalled?

Watch these videos to see how exactly you should be tracking your results and a step by step checklist of things to do if you're not seeing any results.

How to track results - How to track results (

In short, take your weight, measurements, a before picture from all angles and try some clothes on that don't fit. The scales can fluctuate for many reasons so we have to have a few ways to see if we are still on track.

Nothing changing? Not getting results?

The not getting results check list - Not getting results check list (

This will happen to almost everyone during a weight/fat loss journey and when it does, you need to be going through this check list and tweak when needed. The people who do this end up with the best possible results and the people who give up when it gets tough continue on the endless diet to diet cycle.

Click below for a guide on what to do if your weight loss has stalled.

Dietician measuring customer

How to Track a Recipe

Using Myfitnesspal may take a few weeks to get to grips with but just like anything new, the more you play around with it the better you will get at tracking.

Here is a video on how to add and track recipes - MyFitnessPal - How to put in a recipe (

Kitchen Scale
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