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Fish Fingers


580 Calories

Cook Time:

25 Minutes


1 Servings


  • 200g Cod Fillet, fish finger size chunks

  • 1 Medium Egg

  • 30g Panko Breadcrumbs

  • Salt 

  • Pepper

  • 2 Sandwhich Thins, lightly toasted

  • 2 TSP of Tomato Ketchup


  • Dip the cod into egg and then breadcrumbs and make sure it's fully covered.

  • In a 180c pre heated oven, put the fish fingers on a oven dish and cook in the oven for 15/20 minutes and browned off.

  • Toast the bread and make yourself a lean fish finger sarnie with a tsp of ketchup.

Got some spare calories, add some mushy peas to the sandwich to make it taste even better. 

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