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Honey Chilli Chicken and Egg Fried Rice - healthy fakeaway!

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Low calorie, low syn and VERY tasty!!

Fat Loss Feast - Very tasty and very healthy honey chilli chicken and egg fried rice.
Healthy Honey Chilli Chicken - Low Syn, Low Calorie

Before we get to the recipe, I have a question. Do you want to lose weight with a very tasty food and fitness plan designed for beginners to exercise and for people who are super busy and struggle to stick to a diet? If the answer to that is yes, I have an offer on you can't miss! Special offer here - So the recipe... Ingredients 1 tbsp of Olive Oil or some low cal spray 4 Chicken Breasts - Chopped 1 Garlic Clove - Finely Diced 2 Red Chilli's - Chopped 2 Spring Onions - Chopped Handful of Green Beans - Chopped 3 tbsp of Low Sodium Soy Sauce 2 tbsp Honey 1.5 cups of Uncooked Rice

1 Chicken Stock Cube 1 tbsp Chilli Flakes

1 tsp Ground Ginger A Few Handfuls of Frozen Peas

2 Eggs - Whisked 1 Small Onion - Finely Chopped

1 tsp Chinese Five Spice

Method Firstly, add the uncooked rice to around 4 cups of boiling water. Add a chicken stock cube and stir. Add a lid and simmer for 10/13 minutes. Make sure rice is fully cooked. Set to one side. In a medium heat pan, add the chicken breast and stir. After a few minutes and once the chicken has started to brown, add the garlic, fresh chilli and spring onion then stir for a few minutes. Add the honey, soy sauce, chilli flakes, ginger and green beans. Add a little more honey if you want it a little sweeter (Slightly ups the sugar and calories of the dish) Cook for a few more minutes until chicken starts to brown.

Just as the chicken has a few minutes left, cook the whisked eggs in a medium heat pan for a few minutes until they are cooked scrambled eggs and set to one side. In the same pan, add the onion and start to brown for a minute or so. Add the five spice then Add the peas. Once the peas are starting to defrost, add the rice, a splash of soy sauce, salt and pepper. Add the scrambled eggs too. Stir fry for a few minutes. Now it's time to serves. Tub left overs up and now you have food for the next 2/3 days. Really hope you enjoy this one. Joe

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Sally Firth
Sally Firth
Sep 05, 2019

Can you freeze the honey chilli chicken.


Diane Tooby
Diane Tooby
Aug 20, 2019

Can I have some more repices please

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