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Crispy Honey Garlic Chicken

If you order so many takeaways the towns takeaway staff are the only guests at your wedding, this recipe is for you. It's easy to say you're going to eat healthy but if you LOVE food (like me) and LOVE takeaways (like me), making sure healthy food is exciting is essential. This recipe is served with 1/2 pack of uncle bens microwave egg fried rice but you can save calories and make the dish even lighter having it with a nutrient packed salad. Salads can be really boring but not when they are crispy honey garlic chicken salads!! Oh and if you haven't already, head over to Instagram and Tik Tok and give Fat Loss Feast a follow. I'm planning on some new content on them platforms in the coming months so don't miss out. Crispy Honey Garlic Chicken

Serves 4, 530 calories per portion Ingredients 385g of Chicken Breasts, cut into small cubes 6 tbsp of Honey 100g of Breadcrumbs 1 Egg, whisked 180g of Tenderstem Brocolli 1 Spring Onion

1 Thumbnail size of Ginger, grated 3 Cloves of Garlic, finely chopped 1 Red Chilli, chopped (optional) 2 tbsp light soy sauce

Salt and Pepper Method

1 - Get 2 bowls, the first with a whisked egg and the second with the breadcrumbs. Take the chicken, put into egg mixture and then fully coat with the breadcrumbs before putting onto a baking tray. Season with salt and pepper and then oven cook on 190c for 20 minutes. 2 - In a pan, lightly sauté the garlic and Chilli for around 3/4 minutes before adding the ginger for another few minutes. Add in the honey and soy sauce and simmer. If you want a thicker sauce, add a little cornflour mixed with warm water into the pan. Let gently simmer until chicken is cooked. 3 - Bring a pan to the boil and cook the broccoli for around 6/8 minutes. 4 - When the chicken is done, take out of the oven and put into a big bowl with the sauce and toss until fully coated. 5 - I have served this with 1/2 pack of uncle bens egg fried rice for speed but feel free to have side of choice. Enjoy

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