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Chocolate Grilled Cheese!

High Protein Grilled Cheese - Fat Loss Feast
Chocolate Grilled Cheese - Fat Loss Feast

Yes, this may be one of the most 'out there' recipes I've ever done but let me explain a little. I was sent some high protein/reduced sugar chocolate spread off the lovely people at Grenade so as a thank you to them (they didn't ask me to do this), I thought I would make a tasty recipe using the carb killa spread they sent over. Check out Grenades spreads and bars here -

Now first off I have to explain this isn't exactly SUPER healthy! It's not like you're eating a plate of leafy greens and lean meats BUT the spread has something like 85% less sugar than it's competitors making this a healthier option. Also with the increased protein content, this dessert will fill you up for longer and help with muscle repair after exercise. This whole thing comes in at around 450 calories and 17g of protein making it an ideal weekend healthy alternative treat. Oh and Brie cheese works perfectly with the sweetness of the chocolate and the strawberries making this one very tasty and protein packed sweet grilled cheese! So, the recipe... Ingredients 1 Cinnamon & Raisin Thin Bagel - Warburton's are good and are sold in most supermarkets

15g of Chocolate Carb Killa Spread 15g of White Chocolate Carb Killa Spread

5g of unsalted butter - 2.5g each side

Around 5 Strawberries - Cut into slices

20g of Brie - Thinly Sliced

Method Spread one side of the bagel with one flavour of spread and spread the second side with the other. On the bottom of the bagel, layer some strawberries then some thinly sliced brie. Add another layer of strawberries on top. Close the bagel by putting the top on. Add around 2.5g of unsalted butter in a medium pan and once it's melted, put the bagel in top down for a few minutes. Once it starts to brown, add in the rest of the butter and flip over. Cook until cheese starts to melt and bottom has browned off nicely. Serve with more strawberries for a high protein, reduced sugar, slightly healthier treat! Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

Joe Sexton

Fat Loss Feast

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