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Chicken Pizza and Spicy Wedges

Chicken Pizza and spicy wedges

Thanks again for commenting on my recipe and I hope you enjoy this one. This one is also excellent for the whole family so if you have kids, get them to help pick the toppings and decorate the pizza base. I hope you're looking forward to WAY more recipes in 2020 with my secret project ;) Chicken Pizza time!!

Serves 2


2 Medium Sized Chicken Breasts

60g of low fat grated Cheese of choice

150ml of Passata

1 tsp of Tomato Puree 0.5 tsp of Garlic Powder 0.5 tsp of Onion Powder

0.5 tsp of Oregano

Low Cal Cooking Spray

Salt and Pepper Healthy Pizza toppings of choice. I like a slice of lean ham and a few chopped up mushrooms. Method Pre heat an oven to 200 c Put the chicken breasts on a layer of clingfilm and then put another layer on top. This is the fun part. Hit the chicken with a rolling pin to flatten. If you haven't got a rolling pin, Imagine it was someones face you really dislike and punch the chicken breasts to flatten. In a bowl, mix the passata, puree, garlic and onion powder, oregano and season. In a medium heat pan with some low cal spray, put the chicken breasts in and brown for a few minutes each side. Make sure to season each side with Salt and Pepper. Put on a baking dish, layer with sauce, put 30g of low fat cheese on each chicken breast and them toppings of your choice. Put in the oven for 10/15 minutes until chicken is cooked through and cheese has started to brown.

Super Easy Spicy Wedges Serves 2/3


2 large sweet potatoes

2 teaspoons of smoked paprika

½ teaspoon of mild chilli powder

Salt and pepper to taste

Low Cal spray or a drizzle of olive oil.


-Pre-heat oven to 200C

-Chop potatoes into wedges and place in a bowl with all of the other ingredients, tossing until the potatoes are coated

-Place on a baking tray and cook in oven for 25/30 minutes until cooked through and browned off.

Freebie Breakfast Recipe Right this one isn't exactly SUPER tasty BUT It's packed full of goodness for one of them mornings you have got little time but don't want to grab some junk.

Super Food Smoothie Serves 1 Ingredients 100g low fat Greek yoghurt 1 tablespoon peanut butter Handful of frozen blueberries Handful of frozen pineapple Handful of Kale Handful of Spinach 200 ml skimmed milk or oat milk (add more if it’s too thick)


-Throw in a blender, mix and enjoy

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