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Fat Loss Feast


We have so many ways to move and stay healthy. Here you will find a description of each workout and then links for all of our previous classes. These will be updated each and every week as every live workout is then uploaded and put here.


Single Song Workouts

Sometimes, all it takes is one little step forward.

If motivation is lacking and you are struggling to get yourself hyped up for a longer workout, try one of these short and gentle motivation workouts.

Each little workout is a single music track and is designed to get you out of an unmotivated slump.


Get Strong

The FLF Get Strong class is ideal for increased strength, improved muscle shape, Increase of Bone strength and a decent calorie burn to boot.


Cardio/Dance Step/Aerobic Workouts

Here you will find different types of cardio workouts designed to increase your daily step count in a variety of different ways including dance steps.


A low impact. high energy cardio style workout to get you sweating, burning calories and increasing fitness. We blast music and we get moving. It's like a spin class without the bike and extremely sore bum.


Pilates Fit With Ellen

This 30 minute class goes through basic Pilates movements to improve the bodies balance, core strength, posture and mental awareness.

Perfect to set you up for the day or destress you after a long day.

The Beginners Workout For People Who Dislike Exercise

This is the perfect short workout for complete beginners and for people who don't really like exercise but want to increase energy, health and fitness.

The aim is you feel mint afterwards!!!


Strength with Sarah

This is a full body resistance class using hand weight, dumbbells or bands. Ideal for really improving and changing your body shape. It's a take at your own pace class meaning the less weight you use, the easier it will be and the more weight you use, the harder it will be for this 30 minute workout.

Chair/Beginners/Advanced Workout - CBA Workout

The most hectic workout on the timetable as we jump between a chair based exercise, a very slow and gentle beginners exercise and a faster paced more advanced exercise. You can choose which one you want to do so it can be a nice slow workout or an absolute killer of a workout. A mixture of body weight resistance to build strength and cardio for fitness. 25/30 Minutes


Legs/Bums/Tums with Joe or Amy

A low impact workout which consists of going from a leg and bum exercise to a ab and core exercise to standing up and marching on the spot just to get some extra steps in. We do a lot of getting up and down from the floor but other than that, suitable for all fitness levels. 25/30 Minutes

Beginners Yoga with Jana

A low, steady and relaxed Yoga and meditation session with some lovely relaxing music in the background to help you switch off, feel stretched and take some big deep breaths. 45 Minutes


Dance Fit with Megan

A full out, full body, full of dance fitness fun, 30 minute workout! 

You will 100% feel the burn, feel fitter & stronger after taking part!!!


A low impact but medium intensity class where we do boxing/kickboxing style exercises and techniques to get that heart rate up and burning calories. 25/30 Minutes


Deck of Cards

I assign every suit from a deck of cards an exercise.

Face cards are ten, aces are 11 and jokers are 60 seconds of a seperate exercise.

The deck is shuffled and we go through one by one, having a rest every 15 cards.

It’s a tough session but I’ll have lighter tweaks for beginners for all exercises too.

Kettlebells with Ellen

First off, what is a kettlebell and kettlebell training? A kettlebell looks like a usually rounded weight/cannonball with a handle on top. They come in various weights. You'll use them as you do things like lunges, lifts, and shoulder presses. The workout gets your heart pumping and uses up to 20 calories per minute according to webmd.

Kettlebell Workout
Dancing at Home

Learn to Dance and Strictly Steps 

Learn to Dance - A 30 minute class suitable for all in which you learn a dance routine over the course of a class. It's a good way to burn some calories and increase fitness without it feeling like traditional exercise.

FLF Strictly Steps - A 30 minute dance style fitness class inspired by Strictly Come Dancing.

Strong Core

A beginners friendly and low impact class designed to help strengthen core stability and pelvic floor. This class was added to help with symptoms of the menopause but it's also excellent for anyone who would benefit from a more gentle approach to ab work. I personally love teaching this class. 25/30 minutes


15 Minute Abs Blasts

A short and usually intense 15 minute burst of ab and core work mostly on the floor.

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